Why Breathwork?

Meet Dori - Your Certified Trauma Informed Breathing, Wellness Coach.

"The transformative nature of Breathwork allows us to take your health and wellness goals to a deeper level of achievement. I am humbled by the connection, results and healing I have seen in others through the power of Breathwork".

Life events are causing stress & anxiety.

I am experiencing reduced motivation.

I have appetite fluctuations.

My disrupted sleep is leading to hormone imbalances.

I feel emotionally imbalanced.

Looking for life changing results?

We are here to help take your wellness goals to the next level.


Our Mission: To help you clear anxiety and stress through the power of breathwork.

Breathwork is an effective tool to:

  • achieve wellness goals
  • improve sleep
  • experience feelings of joy and/or deep inner peace
  • Improve VO2 Max
  • relieve physical pain
  • feel more connected
  • increase self-confidence
  • deepen your breath capacity
  • strengthen your diaphragm and lungs
  • balance your mood
  • attract abundance
  • tap into your higher states of consciousness
  • break down walls and awaken your authentic self
  • detox on a molecular level
  • experience phenomenal revelations

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