Corporate Wellness

Due to recent global events, almost all businesses struggle with high insurance premiums, employee retention, newly adopted remote business models, increasing morale, or helping employees stay healthy.

In addition to employees who are not in the best of health, insurance claims, low employee morale, lack of motivation in general, disinterest in returning to the office, a high number of sick days are problems that many companies currently face. To combat these problems head-on, companies are increasingly turning to employee wellness programs. We design wellness programs to improve the overall health and performance of company staff. Before any company starts a program, the first task is to educate human resources, senior management, and managers that a wellness program is needed and will positively affect its bottom line.

Once the program is approved, the onboarding process involves a detailed overview, education, and description of Yumswitch’s Corporate Wellness Program, precisely how we propose rolling it out, and the time it will require to get it up and to run.

Weeks before the program rollout, we will provide branded corporate communications to announce the launch of a new wellness program, disclose the key factors the health and wellness the program will target as well as:

  • Rewards offered,
  • How employees will be motivated to join,
  • Share an expected schedule,
  • Layout contest ideas, and
  • Explain how each participating employee will record data.

To support the wellness program and benefit employees, we will include specific objectives, such as fewer sick days or higher employee satisfaction. We will also cite research that supports those benefits while using exact numbers wherever possible, share success stories from other corporate wellness programs and demonstrate the positive effects of healthy employees.

We will lay out the details, and financial commitment recommended to have a successful wellness program, create an analysis of the budget for the program, including time employees spend participating, introducing a certified health coach, and amount of money a company needs for rewards or program costs. Consideration will be given to gym memberships, adding a wellness space to accommodate on sight program participation.

Lastly, we will show how we will evaluate the plan at regular intervals to impact the company positively. We will lay out strategies that might include polling employees, monitoring a change in sick days, or checking on the effects on sales and profits. An additional consideration to non-quantifiable benefits like an improvement in morale and the general office atmosphere is essential.

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