Breathwork with Dori

I discovered Dori's breathwork practice thanks to a recommendation from one of my mentors. When I told Dori I wanted to become an Olympic breather, she jumped right in with incredible support and guidance. Each session was perfectly tailored to my goals, bringing me closer to success.

What makes Dori special is her genuine dedication to her clients. She meets you wherever you are on your journey and helps you get where you want to be. Her commitment to excellence is unwavering, and she always goes above and beyond.

Working with Dori isn't just about learning to breathe better; she also offers incredible healing. By simply showing up and following her teachings, I've improved my breathwork and experienced profound healing benefits.

All you need to start this transformative journey is the commitment to show up. With Dori's guidance, you'll see positive changes ripple through every part of your life.

I'm deeply grateful for Dori's impact on my life and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to unlock their potential through breathwork. Join me and other breathers in experiencing the transformative power of breath with Dori.

L.T. Sutt 

Breathwork with Dori

Just had my best breathwork session with Dori! (Truth: I think I say that every week.) I’ve been breathing with Dori for more than a year and each time, no matter how much I think that I will not be able to relax, I find myself more relaxed than the previous week. Dori has a knack for figuring out what I am feeling, and she leads me to a place where I surrender. 

Joann H

Breathwork with Dori

I experienced 1 private breathwork session with Dori and 2 group sessions. I wasn't sure what to expect and was looking forward to enjoying a relaxing hour. Dori led the guided meditation and explained how to do certain types of breathing- all very easy. I was SO IMPRESSED at the depth the breathwork reached. It helped me release stress and grief that I was not aware I was still holding on to. I have felt incredibly centered and peaceful since the initial session. I highly recommend you try it!

Joyce A., Master Reikist 


Weight Loss Program

I had the opportunity to have Dori as my health and wellness coach to help me with improving my eating habits, reducing my weight and lowering my overall stress. As a business executive, my personal time was very constrained, and I had very little flexibility when it came to following a strict regimen. Despite those challenges, Dori listened very attentively to my goals and worked very closely with me to identify a number if options and levers that she made available to me to overcome my very limited time. Dori defined a step-by-step, and simple overall plan that perfectly accommodated my professional schedule. It included numerous healthy eating options easy to access despite heavy business travel, a simple workout regimen that allowed me to workout effectively depending on my daily business activities. She also defined extremely helpful ways for me to relax and disconnect from work. 
Dori was attentive and paid very close attention to my overall wellness objectives; she carefully assessed the particulars of my work-related constraints and defined a very effective regimen with numerous options that helped me stay on track. She was also excellent with all required follow-ups to assess my progress and provide additional guidance and support."
Mike M.



Amazing session! Dori was extremely helpful before, during and after the session, she ensured comfort and safety while providing beautiful & powerful healing.

Derek B.



The entire session was an incredible experience, but my favorite thing was the sense of oneness and calmness that followed.

Tommy S.



I experienced sensations that haven’t come up prior and I felt that Dori gently guided me exactly where I needed to go to experience the energy shift. Remarkable session.

Tracy T.



It was not laborious and demanding you to meet different metrics. Produced no thoughts of I can’t do this. It encouraged me to want to learn more about Breathwork. Dori guided me very Simplistically.

Logan S.

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