The Value in Journaling After Breathwork

You may find it helpful to journal after breathwork, especially if you’ve had an elevated experience. It can help clarify your thoughts and make the entire experience concrete. It’s easy to question and not follow through with a revelation a week later if we don’t write it down.

It may amaze you when you go back and read past journal entries how easy it is to forget some of your most profound thoughts or emotions.

How you keep your journal is entirely up to you. You can create an e-document, print this document out, create a dedicated writing book, use random paper pages, or a note on your phone. But this may be helpful to go through and journal your experiences. You can see how it resonates with you.

Some things to consider and include in a journal entry are:

  • Keep your entry as simple as possible
  • Title
  • What would you like to know?
  • What growth will this prompt?
  • How can you take action to meet your needs?
  • Did the intention resonate with you?
  • What feelings surfaced during the session?
  • What thoughts surfaced during the session?
  • Did you experience any physical sensations, movement of energy, connect with your spirit guides, etc., during the session?
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